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The Artist within Me
I first realized I could draw when I was 7 years old in my second grade class, I had Mrs. Kane.  She would give us free time to draw, and I started out drawing horses with tracing paper.  There were other kids that did the same, but their drawings would look like stick figures, and mine…see, I learned how to shade in the muscle structure to give my horse definition. My drawing was a HORSE! Not some stick figure that resembled a horse.  Sometimes Mrs. Kane didn’t have tracing paper and all she had was graph paper for us to draw on.  I didn’t know that drawing on graph paper as a kid would help me so much drawing as an adult.  Needless to say, as time went on, I no longer needed the tracing paper.  I could see the image perfectly as I drew it on blank paper, and made it come to life.
Fast forward to Seventh grade at Hillside School with my favorite Art teacher of all-time (in my game time announcer’s voice) Mr. Patrick Dearborn!  This man saw my natural talent in art, in ALL mediums, and took me to another level!  It all started with this picture of a tiger that I drew on canvas board.  I started to paint it perfectly. The eye was perfect, the color of the tiger was perfect, but there was something missing.  Mr. Dearborn then showed me how to use a pallet knife, he showed me that the colors don’t have to be exact and perfect, and he challenged me to finish it with the pallet knife only.  I remember this like it was yesterday, my teachers came to check on me and I was doing such a fabulous job, I was allowed to miss all my classes and just work on my masterpiece.  It was my first oil painting and it was my personal “Sistine Chapel”, I was only 12 years old, and people could not believe that I painted it.
Fast forward to college where I was an Advertising Design major, that showed me other aspects of art, such as structure, layout, layers, and design.  I did not paint again until I was bachelor in this fly apartment with my BFF after college.  I had this great job, not in art or advertising, but it paid well, so I started doing art projects for myself to hang up in our fly crib. So I reproduced a few Patrick Nagel paintings that were perfect.  Then soon after came marriage, kids, moving across the country, then divorce, and then single fatherhood of 3 boys.  They were my new living creations, so painting took a back seat for over 25 years, until March of 2015. Then BOOM, I got the urge to paint that turned my right hand into having a mind of it’s own. I was encouraged by my muse and other artist and photographer friends on FB, and I’ve been producing what you see, ever since. I love to paint on a large scale, which brings me back to 2nd grade and drawing on graph paper. See, I create my initial image on regular size paper, then I draw a tic tac toe grid on top, then BOOM, make it on a larger scale on the canvas…funny how things come full circle. Through the years I have had several Art influences coming up. The first was J.J. Evans or should I say Ernie Barnes. Mr. Barnes created the artwork for the show “Goodtimes”, it was afrocentric, flowing lines, and told the story of the hood in his paintings. I also was exposed to Van Gogh and Matisse at an early age and loved their use of color and technique.  The next 2 artist I discovered in Playboy magazine in my teen years, Leroy Niemen and Patrick Nagel.  They were the resident artist for Playboy and my Dad had a subscription, so I studied their style quite a bit.  So, I am enjoying my projects, enjoying the process, and I hope that my work stimulates feelings that make you want a print of your own.  
 I had no idea that these paintings would come through me like they are, and so quickly.  So in my closing statement; I’d like to remind my peers and especially my kids…Never ever give up on your dreams and find the Art within you, whatever the medium, work on your craft, and simply share it with the world and you will find happiness.
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Brian Philpott
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